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HOMES Magazine

Cover_December 2016 / January 2017

HOMES Magazine is Canada’s first and finest new home buying guide. Since 1985, HOMES Magazine continues to be the GTA area’s most comprehensive source – complete with colour-coded maps and amenity charts.

Condo Life

Cover_February 2017

condolife, launched in 1998, continues to be Toronto's finest and most comprehensive guide to the condo market and its lifestyle. 

Active Adult

Cover_January/February 2017

The award-winning Active Life is your guide to new homes in adult-lifestyle communities across Ontario, featuring detailed colour-coded maps and amenity charts. Active Life also features lifestyle content to enhance the lives of those aged 45+.  


Cover_February/March 2017

Launched in 1990, RENO & DECOR is Canada's Home Idea Book, inspiring readers with the latest in tips and trends for their decorating and renovating. Get your copy at Indigo/Chapters, RONA/ Cashway locations across Ontario - or Subscribe  today! 

Ontario Design

Cover_2017 Ontario Design Trade Sourcebook

ONTARIO DESIGN is an annual, full colour, catalogue style directory of products and services available to interior designers, architectural building trades, renovators, and consumers in Canada!